How To Your Own Eyelash Brand&Start Own Lash Business?

CK Lashes is the most professional Eyelash Vendors and Custom Eyelash Packaging Vendors in China. We have helped more than 3000 customers to start their Eyelash Business. We always want to help you start Your Own Eyelash Brand!

Do you want to have your own lash line? Do you want to know how to create your own 3D Mink Eyelash Brand? Below we will show you how to create Your Own Eyelash Brand. I hope we can help you start your own Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Business. Please follow the steps below.

SAT28 Wholesale Best Mink Lashes

SAT28 Wholesale Best Mink Lashes

1, first you must create your own mink lashes logo


Each eyelash brand has its own logo, which will distinguish it from other Mink Eyelash brands. You are a lucky dog!!! Our company can design your logo for free of charge>>>Click Here Get Free Logo Design !!!


Our designers have many years of design experience. If you don’t have your own logo yet, please contact us.

20mm mink 3d lashes

20mm mink 3d lashes

2, Conduct Market Research


Get a comprehensive picture of what styles of 3D Mink Eyelashes your customers like and the price they can accept. Accurately locate the market and have more customers.


Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelash sales. Recently, the most popular Wholesale Mink Lashes styles>>>click here are mainly these. You can refer to it.


These 25MM Mink Eyelashes are the best seller now and the price is very reasonable.

3, Find professional mink eyelashes vendors


Finding a professional mink eyelash vendor is the most important point in creating your mink lash brand. So what is the good Mink Eyelash Vendors?

luxury wholesale eyelashes

luxury wholesale eyelashes

First of all, high-quality product.

Professional mink eyelash vendors can provide high-quality eyelashes. We should always remember that.


Secondly, professional design.

The professional Eyelash Vendors can design the eyelash style by itself, which can guarantee the fashion trend of leading the eyelashes.


Only by walking in the forefront of the fashion trend can we not be abandoned by fashion. The design of eyelashes also is updated ceaselessly. Therefore, independent design ability is particularly important.

lashes factories

lashes factories

Third, professional Mink Lash Vendors can deliver on time. These are very important for the sales of Mink Eyelashes.


We have more than ten years of experience in the production and sale of Wholesale Mink Lashes. We are the most professional Eyelash Vendor in China.


4, Distinguish which are the real eyelashes


We want to distinguish between mink eyelashes and silk lashes by burning them.



At the time of burning, there will be a burning human hair after the mink lashes burn.


The speed at which the eyelashes burn is very slow. After the fire is extinguished, the eyelashes will not burn on their own, but the velvet eyelashes will burn on their own.


After the mink lashes are burned, the ash is powdery. After the silk eyelashes burn, there is no ash, and they will shrink into a ball.

PD 23 13mm mink wholesale lashes

PD 23 13mm mink wholesale lashes

 5, Promote Your Brand(Mink Lashes).


If you already have the above three points, then you can promote your Wholesale Mink Eyelashes. You can use your social software, such as INS, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and so on. The most important thing is to build a website on Google.


According to our many years of experience, the promotion effect of the website is the best, followed by INS and YouTube.


6, Sum up experience

Dear if you want to start your eyelashes business and don’t know how to choose lashes, you can choose from the sample pack.

lashes vendor

lashes vendor

We have more than ten years of experience in eyelash production and sales, and we have helped more than 3,000 customers start their eyelash business successfully.


We have summarized these experiences and made 9 sample packs, hope that can help you.


The above is some of the experience we have summarized to how to create my own eyelash brand, I hope that it can help you.


long mink lashes wholesale

long mink lashes wholesale

The Best Eyelash Vendors From China


Starting an eyelash business, what are the most important issues to pay attention to? The following points are some of the experiences I have summed up since my career.

1. The Most Critical Step Is To Find A Regular And Reliable Eyelash, Vendors

The good Mink Eyelash Vendors can provide you with more comprehensive information and services. Not only can you guarantee the safety of your funds, but the product quality is also guaranteed.

lashes supplliers

lashes supplliers

And the most important thing is to provide customers with accurate advice. After long-term cooperation, it can help customers grow their business quickly.

2. Understand The Needs Of Customer Groups

Many customers are subjective as long as they like the style of Best Eyelashes, and there is no question whether their customers need it or not.


For these customers, we generally recommend the best-selling eyelashes to avoid overstocking.

sisley lashes boxes

sisley lashes boxes

3. The Eyelashes Are Packaged With High-End And Atmospheric Brands

Want good Wholesale Lashes sales? To achieve differentiated sales? Not only to ensure that your eyelashes are of high quality. The most important point is that your product must have two points.


While selling Wholesale Mink Lashes, we must also pay attention to the uniqueness of Eyelash Packaging.


Elegant and stylish packaging helps better promote your eyelash brand. At the same time, it can help attract more female customers to buy your beautiful eyelashes.

fluffy lashes from sisley lashes vendor

fluffy lashes from sisley lashes vendor

4. Peripheral Products Of Eyelashes

At the same time, the sales of eyelashes can be promoted by selling peripheral products of eyelashes or other beauty products. For example, Eyelash Tweezers, eyelash brush, Eyelash Glue, etc.


Recently Emma Lashes has added some new lashes products, such as an oil-absorbing sheet. There are many styles and provide customized private label service. These are the added value that can add to your product.

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