I. About us

A. Location

CK Lashes, located in Qingdao, China, is a professional Mink Lashes Wholesale integrating design, research, and development, production, and sales.

B. Professional work

Firstly, we specialize in 25MM, 20MM, 13-18MM Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 5D Mink Lashes, 6D Mink Lashes, 7D Mink Lashes, and regular Mink Lashes.

Secondly, we also specialize in the wholesale of some products related to lashes, including Wholesale Custom Eyelash  Packaging Boxes, which is beneficial to promote your eyelash business and various eyelash tools, for example, Mink Eyelash Glue Eyeliners, which are the basic tools in wearing lashes, Eyelash Brushes, which can make your lashes more curling, Eyelash Tweezers, which are used to clip eyelashes.

C. Place

We are one of the best Mink Lashes Vendors in the market and we acquire good reputation just within two years.

II. About designer

A. Salutation: Ann

B. Graduate school: Tsinghua University

C. Achievements:

1.Independent research and development of various types of eyelash styles

2.Be well-known in Chinese fashion

3.Take part in fashion shows over and over again


1.Being good at communicating with femininity to know about their various needs

2.Having a good understanding of lashes markets

3.Optimizing products timely to accord with the western aesthetics

4.Doing well in digging the unique charms of femininity

5.Having a unique view of beauty

6.Having basic learning of related knowledge of Ergonomics

7.Being familiar with various face shapes and eye shapes

E. Inspiration comes from flowers in nature

wholesale mink eyelashes

F. Leaning

1.Constantly learning

2.To Europe and the United States to study and open his horizon

G. Design philosophy

She is committed to designing comfortable and unique eyelashes, which can show the charm of different people well.

III. About crafts

We use physical techniques rather than use chemicals because chemicals are bad for the eyes and cause eye fatigue easily and even loss of sight. For us, we adapt to physical techniques, which would not hurt our eyes, so you can use our products without concern.

IV.About raw material

We use mink furs from Siberia. The followings are the questions and answer time.

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A.Question: the characteristics of mink furs?

Answer: The furs are from the end of the tails of the young minks which are long, sturdy, light, and glossy.

B. Question: Injuring animals?

Answer:  Cruelty-free

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We take furs in the changeover period between spring and autumn by making use of combs, so the minks are safe. We will never gain benefits at the cost of injuring animals.

V. About quality control

A. Raw material control

The mink furs that we have chosen both are full, sharp, and perfect because we firmly believe that only good materials can create high-end eyelashes and we use the end of tails of minks and don’t use some defective furs.

B. Semi-finished product inspection

If eyelashes are damaged during production, our staff will remove them. Our lashes are all handmade, which is not as accurate as machines, so, our production costs are high. Our aim is to create the perfect lashes for consumers so that women around the world can wear truly high-end lashes at a very low price.

C. Products

Products derive from semi-finished products through physical cooling and there are specialized workers in charge of this process.

D. Delivery inspection

This is the third quality testing that we must do in order to ensure that each pair of eyelashes to the hands of customers are boutique and artworks.

VI. About specialized service

The reason why we can provide you specialized service is that we have a perfect and team with a clear division of work. The followings are the components of the team.

A. Design team (Box Packaging)

Box packaging plays an important role in the lash business because it can attract more customers who have the love of beauty and pursue beautiful things.

1. Free logo (brand name)

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

We will provide you with a free logo design. On the one hand, you can talk with our designers about your ideas and then they will turn your ideas into reality. On the other hand, we can give you a logo catalog, and then you can pick out the style that you like from among.

2. Idea

  Please talk about the box shape, color, and other factors with designers. Our professional designers will try their best to design boxes that meet your requirements.

3. Design sketch

Our designers will show you the design sketch after finish the first draft and make changes according to your ideas until you are satisfied with the final design sketches.

Sending design drawings to the factory to produce.

B. Production team

1.Number of people: 120(80+40)

2. Salutation: civil artists

Maybe you are curious about why we call this name, the followings are the reasons.

Firstly, the manufacture of lashes is very complicated which needs a lot of energy and patience. So the people who are engaged in this job are like civil artists.

Secondly, ordinary people are incapable of equaling to a complicated job.

3. Production capacity:8-10 pairs  12 pairs at most( work overtime)

4. Pure hand-made

C. Professional designer

Providing specialized pictures to customers

1. Spending time: 30-60 minutes

2. Use: INS  Facebook  Website  Pinterest

D.  After-sale service team

After you purchase our products, we are responsible to you. For example:

1.Producing: We will ensure the quality of products in the process of production.

2.Transporting: If the products are lost or damaged in the process of transportation, our after-sale service team will give you the solutions which make you satisfied.

Firstly please take photos and videos of the damaged products and then send them to our workers.

Secondly, we will contact the express company to claim compensation if losses are enormous.

3. Receiving products:

If you received the wrong products which don’t accord with your purchase or you are not satisfied with the products, you can contact us.

E. Information technology

We can meet your requirements of building websites as long as you have needs in this area. And we know that the construction of websites is fundamental for you if you want to start your own lashes line.

VII. What can we do for you?

We can do a lot of things for you and we will try our best to give you a hand when you have needs. The next is the detailed introduction.

A. Products:

We can provide you with the latest styles, which are one of the best-selling styles in the market, so, you don’t need to worry that the products may be unsalable. And we can assure that our products are good not only in quality but also in price. We can give you the most favorable price if you buy lashes in bulk and we advise you to do this because you can save a lot by this means.

B. Market: Best-seller

C. Help you to design and produce the specialized and elegant lashes boxes

D. Help you to start your Mink Lashes business step by step

We have become a professional Mink Lashes Wholesale in two year’s time. And we are willing to pass on our experiences to you and then help you to start your Mink Lashes business step by step.

E. Help you to build lash brand

It’s vitally important for you to build a lash brand when you want to carry out your own Mink Lashes business. We are willing to give you some advice if necessary.

Welcome to consult!

VIII. What is our service philosophy?

A. Use the soul to make good and unique lashes

B. Customer-first

C. Careful and responsible

D. Provide advice to customers timely when necessary

E. Try our best to help customers