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Which Eyelash Glue Is The Best?

Many girls worry about the safe of the eyelash glue,Can Eyelash Glue Damage Your Eyes? And Can Eyelash Glue Cause Headaches? Those terrible questions are really exist than the beautiful girls have to face them.

Today, I will tell you the truth of these questions. And tell you the skills to choose the best eyelash glue.

As we know ,eyelash glue contain chemical composition such as phenylpropionic acid,,generally speaking,they have no harm to the skin,but if you use the bad overproof glue,they do harm to your eye,and your eye will tear,but won’t blind you .

So you should choose the quality eyelash glue,so how to choose the quality eyelash glue?

Firstly ,you can smell the glue,if they smell pungent,you can’t buy them and they are not the best eyelash glue.

You should buy the glue who have MSDS and certificate that prove they are safe. To some extend they are more expensive than the bad eyelash,but they do not harm to you eye,that worthy it.

So if someone give you free eyelash glue,can you dare take them and put on your eye?

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