where to buy mink strip lashes wholesale

  1. Where to find mink strip  eyelash wholesale vendor?

If you want to seek Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale Vendors, the first thing to do is to learn the market and production places of eyelashes.

Generally speaking, the best vendor always comes from the origin place. I highly recommend China to you.

The followings are the reasons.

20mm mink lashes wholesale

20mm mink lashes wholesale

Firstly, the world’s best eyelashes are made in China

where the eyelash vendors claim rich experience not only in obtaining raw materials, manufacturing,

but also in design, packaging and transportation of eyelashes, which can definitely help you develop business and then occupy the market.

Secondly, the eyelashes, made in China, are attractive both in quality and price.

Now, I just want to say welcome to China. If you want to acquire any other information, you can continue to look on us

and we will provide more useful and professional information to help your company choose appropriate eyelash vendors and Strip Mink Eyelash Wholesale products.

faux mink lashes G15

faux mink lashes G15

You can also Google the best eyelash vendors, but sometimes, you are unable to make accurate judgments when checking numerous eyelash vendors at the same time.

So, we show up, providing you with professional knowledge to choose the best eyelash vendor and the best-selling style. Please contact us!

2.How to find mink strip wholesale eyelash vendor?


Google may give you the best answer and recommendation, but you still need to spend much time in judging and analyzing before the final decision and the sample test.

faux mink lashes G14

faux mink lashes G14

2.Come to China to find the mink strip lashes vendor

As we have mentioned, choosing Chinese-made eyelash is the best choice for you. Although it is a little bit hard to come to China because of the COVID-19, you can still seize the opportunities and expand eyelash market with the development of electronic commerce.


A great number of professional vendors will show you more eyelash styles and customized eyelash boxes on their YouTube Channels, which is beneficial to carrying on your business.

icecream eyelash packaging vendor

icecream eyelash packaging vendor


As a very popular social media platform, INS owns tens of thousands of the makeup bloggers and small-and-medium sellers, who push a lot of originality and new products to market every day. So, you can pay close attention to them and express your intention. Perhaps they are willing to share their suppliers with you. If not, you can at least acquire some very useful and significant business information.


Facebook is not only the biggest social media platform in the world, but also the most competitive place. Here, many outstanding brands are shown and spread and you can make a post for inquiry, which can help you acquire some important information.

LED Light Lashes Case

LED Light Lashes Case

3 What can a good mink strip eyelash vendor do for you?

Generally speaking, a good eyelash vendor must satisfy the following conditions.

  1. Provide high-quality eyelash products

  2. Provide healthy eyelash

    clear eyelash case with yellow butterfly

    clear eyelash case with yellow butterfly

We must inform our customers of choosing healthy eyelashes to protect our eyes.

1 Provide professional service

An excellent Mink Strip Eyelash Vendor needs to provide professional service, which can be converted into brand influence and market potential.

Our company comprises of IT, brand development, operation, after-sales service, logistics, manufacturing, quality control and other departments.

The Professional mink lashes vendor who Carefully control every step and continuously perfect service abilities in order to provide strong support for our customers.

wholesale cute pink eyelash box with holographic circle and bow

wholesale cute pink eyelash box with holographic circle and bow


It is worth mentioning that our company has researched and developed independently a true healthy, neoteric and high-end eyelash,

which is made from 3D mink hair. You can trustingly use our company’s products and contact us to acquire three pairs of eyelash samples at any time if necessary.

Mink strip lasehs Wholesalers

In this market, there are two kinds of lashes vendors who provide professional eyelash wholesale business. Let’s look at them respectively.

  1. International trade wholesalers


  1. Purchase in bulk from factories at a very low price
  2. Export products to all parts of the world
  3. Have strong professional service ability and rapid response
  4. Account for 64% of Eyelash Vendors
  5. Eyelash producers and factories

This kind of eyelash factories can be divided into two types.

One is only engaged in eyelash production without international trade department and professional sales personnel.

And if you want to do business with this kind of factories, you need to come to China and hire a translator for negotiation and communication.

Well, attention please! Our company is capable of providing this kind of translation service and taking you to pick the best eyelashes and vendors.

pink eyelash packaging box

pink eyelash packaging box

Besides,  one-step business reception service and take you to appreciate the charm of Qingdao, China.

The other is the kind of factories integrating industry and trade and owning international trade department, located in Central Business District of city with its own factory, located in suburbs.

Broadly speaking, these two kinds of vendors provide similar services with more or less differences. If you cannot distinguish, you can consult us and we will give you a satisfactory answer and help you purchase with more confidence.

4 Where to find eyelash vendor in USA?

There are two ways.

1 American Wholesale mink lasehs company

Advantage: save time and costs

Disadvantage: no price advantage

pink pill eyelash case

pink pill eyelash case

2 Chinese mink lashes wholesale company

Advantage: high productivity, strong price advantage, fast shipment

  1. Why choose mink eyelash vendor
  2. It is deeply loved by consumers and has a large world market.
  3. Big profit margins
  4. Easy to wear and save time and energy
  5. Abundant species
  6. It can be reused up to 30 times.

5 Best Mink Eyelash  Strip Vendor List

Our company would like to recommend the top 10 eyelash factories in China and the best Mink  Lashes Vendors to you for free.

We are committed to helping consumers to choose the best products and eyelash vendors and other positive efforts.

US Dollar eyelash packaging

US Dollar eyelash packaging


If necessary, you can consult us about everything related to eyelash and eyelash vendors and we will provide the best services for you.

I am always here for you!

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