How To Choose Your First Mink Lashes Vendor?

this post ck lashes will help you to choose the right wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors and aviod falling into a trap.

How To Make Customized Lash Boxes?

You have three ways to make customized lashes boxes to build your own lashes business line, and this post I will share you the step one by one and very easy to start your lashes business line.

Custom Packaging Box Help You Build Your Own Brand

if you choose the right Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors ,they will help you to design your logo and you just tell them your idea to the designer and they can provide free service to you if you order the Lashes and Custom Packaging Box.

How To Start A Lash Business Line With Your Custom Packaging Box And Private Label?

Today ,we would like to help you to Build Your Own Brand by your custom box and private label. And guide you to deal the details to design your custom packaging.

How To Promote Your Lashes Business?

Many girls ask this question when they meet stockpiling of unsold lashes,or first to start their lashes business. CK Lashes ,professional Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor will help you solve this issue with targeted advice.


Three Tips Help You Start Your Lashes Business Line With 100USD

The Importance Of Custom Packaging Box

When you start you lashes line and success in your business ,you should build your own custom packaging box ,it’s your life and soul to make sure your customer remember your brand and your logo with your custom packaging box.

How to Create Your Own 3D Mink Lashes With 10 Custom Packaging Box With Your Private Logo?

Most of 0ur customers have already know the importance of the custom packaging box ,and they know how to build their own 3d mink lashes brand,when they put the custom packaging into practise,here comes the troubles!


Because 3D MINK LASHES was named by the material and craft,based on this two point you will have a macroscopic understanding and cognition to the 3d mink lashes.

How To Create You Own Eyelashes Brand?

So if you just want to start your lashes ,it’s very easy to start your lashes business,but if you want to create your own eyelashes brand ,you should be careful to many details.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Eyelash Line?

Many sisters want to start their lashes business,and they do not want to spend too much money,so this post I will tell you Begin With Your Own Lashes Business With Little Money and how many lashes do you need to start your own lashes business.