wholessale mink lashes DJ152

20MM Wholesale mink lashes DJ152


Material: Authentic Mink Fur

Condition: 100% New Wholesale  3D Mink Lashes DJ152

Craft: Handmade ·

Band:Black Cotton band ·

Length: 20MM

Styles: 3D Mink Full Strips Eyelashes ·

Packaging: 1 pair/Package


1.Can be used for 25 times if you care them well.

2.Multi-layered lashes, Give your eyes a Natural look.

3.Cotton band, more Comfortable to wear.

4.Light material, they won’t increase any extra weight to your eyes.

5.High Temperature Sterilization. Safe and healthy. Do no harm to your eyes .


1 Luxury Lashes

We are in line with the fashion, top grade design concept.

The eyelashes we designed show your unique taste and temperament as works of art.

2 Top grade Luxury Lashes

There are essential differences between us and the ordinary eyelash making process on the market.

If you wear bad eyelashes in circulation on the market,

the eyes may be infected, irritate the skin and strain the eyes.

3 Core technique

Modern physical sterilization technology to sterilize.

This is a kind of green sterilization method for killing microorganisms by heating water vapor.

4 Unique Design

Our design was inspired by the texture and structure of flowers.

Then, we refer to ergonomics, and according to the shape of the eye and face, the structure,

length and density of eyelashes are processed and improved.

5 Drawing Custom Lashes Packaging Sketches to check the effect.

6 Best Raw Material

Our selection of raw materials is very strict,which comes from mink hairs that are two to three months old.

7 Latest Hot Style in the market.

All are market-tested hot style and fashionable. Our products have been tested in the market.

8 Customer-Oriented Service Concept

CK Lashes firmly establish a customer-oriented service concept.

9 After-sales Service

Most intimate after-sales service, so that you have a very good shopping experience.

24 hours Service

10 Efficient Express Delivery

2-4 business days