Messy Mink Lashes X6XC

I. What is Messy Lashes?

About this question, there is more than one answer, because different Messy Lashes Vendors have different views on this concept. As far as we are concerned, we often classify Messy Lashes as 3D Mink Lashes, which means that Messy Mink Lashes have the same features as 3D Mink Eyelashes, thus we can use the meanings of 3D Mink Lashes to explain Messy Mink Eyelashes. For example:

A. Messy Lashes are more tridimensional than regular lashes.

B. The wearing effect is clear and vivid, which can make you become more charming and dramatic because it can integrate with people’s eyes well.

C. Messy Lashes are some of the newest Mink Lashes in the market and have become the recent craze for good reason.

D. Messy Mink Lashes use the long, sturdy, light, and glossy mink furs, which are from the end of the tails of the young minks.

In addition, in a literal sense, we can know that Messy Lashes are more curly and messy than common 3D Mink Lashes, which give customers a kind of very natural beauty. but that’s just a slight difference between the two.

Furthermore, some Mink Lashes Suppliers often classify Messy Lashes as 5D Mink Lashes, 6D Mink Eyelashes, or even 7D Mink Lashes, it’s all OK.

II. How are Messy Lashes produced?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of explanations. Please continue to look at the following contents in order to dissolve your doubts.

A. The first explanation

It was produced by the worker due to errors in operation, which brings a kind of 3D effect by chance.

Unintentionally, they made a beautiful mistake and promote the development of Mink Lashes.

B. The second explanation

It was designed by a famous Lashes designer. This process comprises several steps.

Step1: The designer worked out a design drawing.

Step2: Producing out samples

Step3: Forging the 3D effect and multilayer effect on the sample by making use of specialized machine

Step4: Making a beautiful eye make up to check the final effects

III. Why are more and more people interested in Messy Lashes?

A. Novel style

It’s common for people to pursue novel things because novel things can bring people the different experience. Messy Mink Lashes are new things for customers, so there is no doubt that it can attract many people’s eyes and has a broad market.

B. Show personality

Everyone is unique in the world just like there are no two identical leaves in the world. People sometimes choose unique things to show personality, so Messy Mink Lashes can act as such things to make you unique. In addition, Messy Lashes are suitable for any occasion due to their nature and reality, so if you are interested in our Messy Eyelashes, you can contact us at any time.

C. Fashion trends

As we all know, new and old things change very fast because of the rapid development of the economy. Generally speaking, the old things are often replaced by new things, because people’s thoughts are always changing. It’s very normal. Messy Lashes are one of the most popular things here and now. And many people follow the trends, which comes from the love of eyelashes.

IV. How many eyelash styles do you have as a Messy Lashes Manufacturer?

A. Length of Messy Mink Lashes

1. 13-18MM

13-18MM Mink Lashes is very appropriate, which can give you one kind of natural beauty.

2. 20MM

20MM Messy Lashes is moderate, which can be used for many occasions. When you wear them, you will look more dramatic and charming.

3. 25MM

25MM Messy Lashes is longer than the above two, but that’s OK. It will bring you long dramatic and show your personality well.

B. Texture of Messy Eyelashes

There are mink furs, chemical fiber,human hair,horse hair, and syntectic hair in the market. And in our Messy Lashes Factory, we just use mink furs, because we are committed to the design, produce, and sales of high-end lashes and pay more attention to the quality of products.

C. Makeup preference

In our daily life, there are many makeup ways, but there are mainly two effects. Some people like natural makeup, others like dramatic makeup, and you can choose the length of lashes according to your interests.

D. Colors of Messy Mink Lashes

1. Natural black

This color can be consistent with the eyelashes color of human beings and is integrated with the human eyelashes.

2. Colorful eyelashes

They are made by making use of various stains and can show personality fully and increase the charm.

E. Application scenes of Messy Mink Eyelashes

1. Office

Natural styles are used more often, which reflects a kind of concise style and makes women more charming.

2. Wedding

You can choose natural styles, which make you look natural and beautiful, or dramatic styles, which make you look passionate and unrestrained. In a word, these two styles reflect the happy and joyful mood of the bride.

3. Party/Festival

Long styles are the first choice. Colorful eyelashes are also a good choice.

4. Stages

Makeup artists will choose the appropriate colors according to the themes of stages to create a professionally aesthetic effect.

5. Travel

Natural styles are the best choice. The followings are the reasons:

①The Messy Lashes of CK Lashes are light and comfortable when you wear them because we use 100% mink furs, which are light, glossy, and soft.
② Keep your sightline clear to view the beautiful scenery
③Keep your makeup
④Long-term wear will not increase your eyes fatigue, which is very useful and important and we can say that we often use this point to judge the good or bad of lashes.

F. Connecting material:

1. Glue

quick, simple, flexible,wear easily


It means that connect eyelashes with skins by using a tiny magnetic block.


It will increase the weight of eyelashes and cause eye fatigue.

②Use condition

It can be used for natural styles, not for long styles because the magnetic force is not enough and easy to fall off.

V.Where to find cheap Messy Lashes Suppliers?

Generally speaking, most Mink Lashes Vendors can’t do this kind of luxury mink lashes, because the craft is very complicated. For example, temperature and time are the two key factors. But we make it.

We are one of the most popular Mink Lashes Suppliers in Chins, where is the birthplace of lashes and there are many Lashes Factories and Lashes Wholesalers here. More and more our Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor USA finds us to produce the best fluffy Messy Lashes to meet the requirements of the market. So if you want to start your own Wholesale Messy Mink Lashes, you can come to China and then find us, because we can give you the satisfying service. Moreover, our products are factory outlet and no middlemen pocket the difference.

VI.What about unique design?

Firstly, we have the world’s top design team and all the styles are designed by our own designers. We possess abilities in independent research and development, design, and production integration. We have the most professional OEM and ODM lashes.

Secondly, our lashes are designed according to the shapes of the human face and eyes and accord with ergonomics, and are very easy to wear.

Thirdly, our inspirations come from the exceedingly strange flowers in nature, so our lashes have ever-changing structures and beautiful lines, which can fully show the charm of women in all shapes and forms.

VII.What is the Production techniques of Messy Lashes?

Our products are shaped by a high temperature, a kind of physical method.

Advantages: sterilize, no potion residue

Our products are natural, green, and healthy. Other products often use chemicals to shape, which is not only quick and convenient but also shortens the production cycle and saves costs. But, there are also a lot of disadvantages: There will be potion residue and an unpleasant smell. In serious cases, this can lead to eye diseases and even loss of sight.

Our lashes are 100% purely handmade and created by skilled artists. Our artisan artists can produce up to 12 pairs of eyelashes per day, as we pursue high quality and are committed to providing every consumer with comfortable and high-end eyelashes.

VIII.What about the price?

The price is $5 per pair, but this price is subject to change, according to the order quantity of your order, so if you buy Messy Lashes in bulk, you can get a more preferential price.