I. How do I find Mink Lashes Vendors?

As we have mentioned before, the excellent Lashes Vendors play a vitally important role in the development of the eyelash business. So, it’s necessary for you to know how to find the appropriate Lash Vendors,  recognize the good or bad of a Lash Vendor and get a reasonable wholesale price.

And our company is willing to share the top three Lashes Vendors with you freely and then help you find the finest Lashes Vendors.

In form, there are two types of ways, that is, online and offline. Well, let’s have a detailed introduction.

mink lashes vendors DJ111

mink lashes vendors DJ111

A. Offline

Offline avenues are mainly about international exhibitions where there will be many Lashes Vendors, who will sell their own products and services.

But during the epidemic, many activities have been canceled in order to avoid cross-infection. So, it’s important for lash vendors to compete for online markets. Next, we will pay more attention to the analysis of online channels and help you find a Lash Vendor.

B. Online

We know that offline transaction has been affected to a large degree because of the COVID-19. And 80% of customers choose to find Lashes Vendors by using Google for health and safety reasons. Google is a very convenient platform where we can find out some fine Lashes Vendors throughout the world. The followings are some famous online platforms.

1. Google

Well, Google is the biggest search engine company in the world. If you are an American customer, you can get very concrete and detailed lash vendor lists by searching on Google for “Wholesale Lashes Vendors ” in USA. And you can contact us for more information.

2. Youtube

Youtube is the word’s largest video websites. Here are a great deal of  professional videos from wholesale lashes suppliers. You can see some hot videos with high hits by searching for “Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors” directly and they will provide you many ideas and originality about styles and packaging boxes for eyelashes.

3. Facebook

Facebook is a very famous social media website. You can search for “China Lashes Vendorsor “Mink Lashes Vendorsand you can acquire a lot.

II. How to distinguish the good or bad of Lashes Vendors?

It’s necessary for you to distinguish the good or bad of Lashes Vendors that you find. Next, we will introduce some concrete means to you.

A. Make an eyelash sample order

It’s common and normal for sellers to compliment their own products, but to be honest, there must be something false more or less about their words. So, it’s important to make an eyelash sample order.

Generally speaking, factories will provide you with free samples. If you need the free samples, you can contact with us to acquire three pairs of top-end false eyelashes sample.

(Contact information: WhatsApp)

B. Repurchase

Attention please! You’d better repurchase no more than100 pairs and had better not repurchase 3D Mink Lashes in Bulk, because certain vendors who give you some good samples, maybe replace them with low quality lashes when they deliver goods.

C. Delivery time

This is an important indicator to judge whether your 25MM Lashes Vendors are professional or not. Generally speaking, a professional vendor has the adequate stock and deliver goods quickly without requirements of customized eyelash boxes from customers.

D. Product price

Generally speaking, the higher the quality, the higher the price. The product price fluctuates according to the quantity and the more the quantity, the lower the price excepting limited editions. Of course, the election of product is not decided by the price, but decided by the market, styles,quality comprehensively.

E. Sales promotion

You are bound to consult the salesman about the special offers related to products. The followings are the reason.

These special offers are made by 25MM Mink Lashes Vendors; however, certain salesmen will not tell you about them for their own sake.

F. Service

The excellent Lashes Vendors are sure to provide you with the good service. There are specialized and patient personnel with good service attitudes for communicating in the beginning of the order, negotiation,design, payment, production, packaging, transportation, after-sales service. As far as our company is concerned, we provide 24-hour service.

III.What questions should I ask Lashes Vendors?

It’s necessary and vitally important to think the above question over carefully , because finding a excellent and eminent Lash Vendor is half done after carrying out eyelash business. Our company is committed to help you to learn how to talk over with your Lashes Vendors and acquire a good inquiry from our company. We will show you the detailed solutions.

A. Asking the full name and location of Lashes Vendors clearly

1.Located in Qingdao, China

Qingdao is the birthplace of eyelashes and there are thousands of eyelash companies here.


①Cheap and fine
②Long history and mature technology
③Fashionable styles
④Eyelashes can be used repeatedly.

2. Located in Southeast Asian countries

①Advantages:  Lower price

②Disadvantages: Poor quality

Higher use-cost

Eyelashes cannot be used repeatedly.

B. Asking the core technology

As we all know, technology has a profound effect on the quality of eyelashes, so it’s important and necessary to know whether your Lashes Vendors have already mastered some technologies. You are welcome to contact us at any time if you’d like to know about some concrete manufacturing technologies.

Contact information: WhatsApp8619953275649

C. Asking the daily output of eyelashes as for workers on average

This is a very professional question which can be used to distinguish eyelash factories from Wholesale Lashes Vendors.

The followings are the possible answers.

1.50-100 pairs

Under the circumstance, their eyelashes must not be handcrafted products.

2.10 pairs

Under the circumstance, the characteristics of eyelashes:

①Pure handmade
②Low cost

D. Asking the texture of the most popular eyelashes at present

If the answer is the Mink Eyelashes, then this factory is experienced in exploring and gathering market data, not vice versa.

The followings are the main reasons for the sell well of Minks.

1.Soft and light texture

2.Reality and nature

3.Dignity and luxury

4.Manifest the feminine charm


So, it’s the best to choose the Mink Eyelashes as the featured products, which is beneficial to promote market share and then realize profit maximization.

IV. What about designing and producing Lashes Packaging Boxes?

As we all know, the design styles of boxes have an effect on the sales of eyelashes. Our company has our own unique and specialized designer team and we will design and produce boxes according to customer’s requirements.

V. What’s the Minimum Order Quantity of Eyelash Vendors?

A. Higher Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The characteristics:

1. Cheap

2. Poor quality

B.Lower Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The characteristics:

1. High Quality

2. High price(for the high cost )

VI. How to pay?

Most of vendors prefer to pay by making use of Paypal and Western Union. Here, we need to pay attention to a very important thing, that is, how to avoid meeting with False Eyelash Wholesalers.

A. Look over their websites, social media, product information

If their websites have always been in an updated state all the time, then they are professional companies to a large extent.

B. Look at comments

Fraud companies are likely to embezzle other Eyelash Vendors pictorial information.


If a website can be searched naturally, this indicates that this company is in long-term operation.

Of course, you can also contact with us if you want to know about other ways. You just need to click WhatsApp button.

VII.What is the transportation cycle?

A. Sea transportation (30 days)

1. Features:

① Low cost
② Long time

2. Conditions:

① Below 2000 pairs
② One container

B. Air transportation (2-4 work days)


① Expensive
② Efficient

A professional and experienced salesman will give you a reasonable quotation and the best transportation plan according to your order.

Attention please! You’d better choose Eyelash Vendors to help you transport, because you can save money with certain discounts.

VIII. TOP3 Mink Lashes Vendors For you

We have Lilly Lashes Vendors, which is the best Lash Vendor in this industry and you can contact us through WhatsApp and we will share with you freely. The vendors that we recommend to you are all qualified and they will make customers satisfied through coping with all kinds of problems that customers maybe meet.