How To Make Customized Lash Boxes?

You have three ways to make customized lashes boxes to build your own lashes business line, and this post I will share you the step one by one and very easy to start your lashes business line.


First way ,you have your drawings and you can send the picture to the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendors and they will design your box according your drawings and you should communicate the detail with the salesman and check the final effect picture to make sure they are what you want.

The second way is that you just have your idea but you can’t draw them out ,and you can ask lashes vendor for help,and they can design the box from your descriptions.

The third way is that you have no idea and drawings ,and you just want to start your lashes business line ,you can ask your lashes vendor to advise some fashion styles ,all you need to do is to give your logo to the designer and they will give you many choice to choose.

And if you want your boxes be unique,you should take the first way and the second way to design your custom packaging box .

But if you want the most popular one ,you should ask the salesman and they will tell you which one is the best seller and you should tell them which country are you in and they will give you the exact advice on how to start your lashes business and choose the right lashes.

how to start your lashes business line?

Anything about the Lashes and custom packaging box ,just feel free contact us ,we will help you design your unique lashes and box just for free if you purchase CK Lashes.

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