How to distinguish different 3D Mink Lashes?

  1. First , you should look the appearance of the 3D Mink Eyelash.

If the 3D effect is perfect or not ? Weather accord with aesthetic vision? If the mink fur is fluffy and gorgeous?

This is how people usually judge the quality of the Eyelash. And this is the best way to choose your Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash but not the most scientific method.

  1. How to judge Lasheshave aesthetic feeling and administrative levels feelings?

The beautiful Mink Eyelashes have soul and spirit. When you look at the Mink Lashes, if their lines are soft and clear, that must be made by hand. And if your Eyelashes lines are stiff ,they are probably made by machine. It is also an important criterion to distinguish good from bad eyelashes.

  1. Beautiful luxury lashes exterior shows beauty, having strict data standard actually.

How does it goes?

The first data is that the quantity of the lashes on the left lashes is the same as the right one to ensure symmetry.

So Luxury 3D Mink Lashes the left one can exactly match the left one very well .

The second data is that you can count each cluster of the lashes . and that would be easy to count.

Of course this is the basic way to judge the 3D Eyelash Mink Wholesale ,if your Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Vendor can’t satisfy this basic standard. You should consider to change your Wholesale Mink Eyelash Manufacturer and choose a new Lashes Supplier.

If you choose the Best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor , you will find your customers increase ,and they are very loyal.

Do not lower the quality of the eyelashes just because the price is low.

 Never underestimate a customer’s ability to choose a product. When the customer apply the Eyelash Mink on , they will feel the quality of the lashes.

And if you can’t change your mind, keep selling bad Lashes , and you will lost your customer sooner or later.

And you have to choose the Wholesale Mink Eyelash Manufacturer again when you have already lose you customer. And when you start over , anything will change, and you have to start your eyelash business all over again which is something we don’t want to see.

  1. Observe the 3D effect of the eyelash.

Good eyelash has administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling, line is clear,very natural.

  1. Observe the top of the mink hair.

This is the main factor who effect the raw material. If the top of the mink fur is sharpen , that would be used good material and if the top of the mink fur is broken ,that will be poor raw material. And the quality of raw material determines the cost of production.

And top grad mink fur can easily be shape by heat treatment with perfect 3D effect. So Emma Lashes can lead the lashes industry. And our lashes are so charming and attractive with competitive wholesale price.

We insist produce Luxury Mink Eyelash with top grade raw material, and only sell top grade luxury lashes to our Lashes Distributor ,and our customer will get more and more consumer , so our orders will be bigger and bigger.

Mutual benefit is what we expect.

And this is why so many customers from all over the world come to our Lashes Factory to discuss cooperation.

We know that our customer trust us and also it is our responsibility to do good job for our customer. We do lashes with our soul and we serve our customers with our heart.

  1. The quality of the glue.

The top grade glue will have no irritate to your skin and do no harm to your eye. And the inferior glue is of low consistency and the eyelash band is easy to open,that would be a very bad thing.

  1. Quality of band

Usually the band is very soft and the band is made of cotton, which is strong and soft, when you put the lashes on , the eyelash band contact with the skin , it directly determines whether the eyelashes are easy to wear and how comfortable the eyelashes are.

So if you want to know more about the professional knowledge of the eyelashes , welcome to add whatsapp008613465813039.


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