How to Create Your Own 3D Mink Lashes With 10 Custom Packaging Box With Your Private Logo?

Most of 0ur customers have already know the importance of the custom packaging box ,and they know how to build their own 3d mink lashes brand,when they put the custom packaging into practise,here comes the troubles!


When you inquiry the custom packaging ,the supplier will tell you the MOQ(minimum of quantity),because the boxes are made by the machine,70% of 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors will say the MOQ is 200 or 100,20% wholesale vendors can do MOQ with 50.

So what did you do if you only have 100$?

Can you start your own brand lashes business?

Yes! Of course you can!

I think you should find a sincere and conscientious wholesale vendor first ,not just the one who want big deals only,They are greedy and irresponsible.

For example, we can do MOQ 30 custom packaging boxes ,why the other vendor can’t ?

In fact ,you can begin with 1 custom packaging box,but you’d better begin with 10 custom box with private logo,most lashes vendors have regular box with our logo,you can order the label ,print your logo on the label ,and then put the label on the box.


Because you have to test the styles in your market,different market different hot style,so you can begin with 10 different style lashes,when you make sure the hot one ,you can make the wholesale bulk orders .

Therefore ,you can judge the supplier by MOQ to test weather they are wholesale manufacture and factory,so if you are new distributor,just say “goodbye” to MOQ100 ro MOQ200!

So you can order custom packaging with your private label make sure the hot style,get 10 or 15 pairs lashes to test the market ,and the shipping cost will be the most economical.FacebookTwitterEmail分享


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