How Long Do 3D Mink Lashes Last?

In fact ,it depends. Different material different shape and different craft makes different time of duration.

If you select Mink Fur Eyelashes, you need to see the craft and quality.

Emma Lashes help you start your lashes business line wholesale 3d mink lashes vendors

The first issue is determine the raw material ,if the raw material is mink hair, you should make sure the craft and modeling techniques ,

If the mink hair eyelash were shaped by chemical material ,you can smell some chemical taste, and when the lashes meet water .

It may produce chemical reaction and there are chemical residues, so you can’t distinguish the lashes shaping craft by your eyes.

You’d better don’t buy these lashes and that would heart your eye.

As far as know, most of the lashes vendors use these craft and the shaping will keep long.

But for Emma Lashes , we shape the lashes by heat treatment and cold treatment ,and all the lashes are very safe and natural .and that will last long. And we have applied for a patent on this technology. And more and more customer buy the Luxury 3D Mink Hair Eyelash for us. And our lashes are very popular in USA and Hollywood.

And if your lashes are made of plastic or silk fiber, that would last longer than mink fur.

So, if you choose lashes ,you can’t be used as a selection criterion. You should check the effect ,and the safety, the comfort and the aesthetics.

If you choose Mink Hair Eyelashes, that will looks gorgeous and dramatic with comfortable wearing. And you will reuse them for about 25 times.

That cost little money if you take good care of them .

And by the way ,choose Luxury Mink Eyelashes Vendors And Manufacturers, and your eyes will love them .

And if you are a beauty lover, you can just share the real 3d mink lashes to your friend ,and more questions welcome contact us whatapp008613465813039,Emma Lashes,the Best Mink Lashes Manufacturer will help you and tell you all the truth you want.

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