Who is the most professional Eyelashes Mink vendor?

Who is the most professional Eyelashes Mink vendor?

CK Lashes has developed over 2000 different eyelashes available as a professional wholesale eyelash supplier for eyelash manufacturers and distributors in China, including 5D mink

eyelashes, 3D Mink Eyelashes, 3D silk eyelashes, artificial mink eyelashes, Synthetic Eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, Magnetic Eyelashes, personal eyelashes, fan eyelashes, curling

eyelashes, Eyelashes Packaging Boxes.

3D Mink lashes vendor wholesale

3D Mink lashes vendor wholesale

In addition, we provide Eyelash Extension equipment as well as over 100 distinct eyelash colours. We have pushed the company to the top position among artificial eyelash makers in the

cosmetic business by relying on skill, quality, and inventiveness on a consistent basis.


Now, we have developed into an internationally renowned multinational company that designs, produces and sells False Eyelashes. We are composed of a group of creative young people whose

daily mission is to identify with consumers and think like consumers.

What makes our design team unique?

We’ve been working hard to provide you with fresh and unique 3D Mink Eyelashes, with amazing design at the forefront of all we do. We are happy to be able to deliver great new trends in

shops and online for you every year because almost all of our 3D Mink Lashes are designed and manufactured in-house.


We update to 2000 brand new styles every year and continue to bring customers the freshest products. We attract a wide range of consumers and have a loyal following among the global

millennial generation.

3d mink lashes vendor

3d mink lashes vendor

How to customize your Eyelashes, Mink?

Private label projects have been established to satisfy the business demands of start-ups and small businesses. The private label line’s minimum order quantity is quite low. The private production

line’s development procedure is simple and quick.


We will enthusiastically meet your challenging needs, no matter the size or demand. This project is most suitable for spa and spa treatments; Salon owners, online shop owners, freelance makeup

artists and beauty entrepreneurs.


They want to extend their product supply and retail services, which will include a cosmetic line. With thousands of eyelash materials, we are your one-stop eyelash producer.

Messy Mink Lashes N13L

Messy Mink Lashes N13L

Why are our Eyelashes Mink the best?

The 25mm mink eyelashes are for people who desire their lashes to be a little longer. High-quality minks are used to create our 25MM Eyelashes. Because the strands are softer and lighter, they

curl naturally, making it lightweight and comfy.


We also use hand-crafted cotton straps for our 25MM Mink Eyelashes, which are incredibly flexible and provide unrivalled comfort and ease during application.


Our 25mm Mink lashes are handcrafted to produce a one-of-a-kind look that no machine or synthetic lashes can match. Each strand of fur is delicate, tapering off at the end to draw attention to

your eyes.

5D Mink Lashes 5DM01

5D Mink Lashes 5DM01

Some detailed features of Eyelashes Mink Wholesale:

Without using a machine, our mink eyelashes are painstakingly handcrafted to provide a distinctive and natural impression. As a result, they’re airy, fluffy, and light.


When used with lashes, it gives a very light sensation with a low sheen for a lovely look. The lashes curl beautifully since they are very tiny and tapered. It’s extremely long-lasting and can be worn

up to 20 times.

wholesale lashwoods packaging

wholesale lashwoods packaging

Customizing Eyelashes Mink Instruction:

With years of experience in providing customized services, we have the resources and knowledge to achieve your project goals. Our Own Label/OEM Services include the following:


Customized design of Eyelashes Mink Wholesaler:

Our in-house design experts provide design/style solutions to meet your needs. You can pick from our pre-made designs/styles or have us build completely new products based on your idea or


Customized Eyelash Mink Packaging:

We will package your order using your own custom flogging box design or UPC bar code if you provide one. Your logo and package blueprint must be sent to us. Customers contact us with

questions regarding products and styles.

holographic orctagon lashes boxes

1.Customers contact us for samples of products and styles.


2. What’s more, we provide solutions according to customers’ requirements, make samples and send them to customers for review.


3.Customer reviews samples. The customer will see the design drawings drawn by the designer. All other aspects, from colour to appearance, will be produced according to the drawings.


4.All the beautiful eyelash boxes are not designed to be successful at once. Besides, the first time you see the design, you may not be satisfied with a lot of things.

What’s more, that doesn’t matter, because we will make changes according to your request. We won’t start production until you’re satisfied with your eyelash box.


5.The customer places the order, we deliver the goods according to the agreed time.

Free square lashes packagings

Free square lashes packagings

Which payment can you accept?


Paypal, Western Union, bank transfer.

All payments are 100% secure.

What’s more, shipping services

We will ship all goods via UPS, TNT, DHL or FedEx.


Big lashes packagings

We ship the lashes wholesale by Express, and that will cost 2-4 business day. Safe and fast service.

What’s more, we can ship the lashes and boxes within 24 hours if your order is under 500 pairs, which is fast and efficient.

And most of our Wholesale Lashes Vendor would love to choose us to be the first order

because our lashes are good, the shipment is fast, as you know at present, time is money.

You will receive the lashes and boxes within 7 business days, and if you choose the others, they can’t do this.


How many days can we receive the goods about Eyelashes Mink?

Besides, we have the following two situations:


What’s more, if you just place a sample order, you will receive your favourite goods within 7 working days.

Custom Eyelashes Packaging Boxes

In addition, if you are ordering our products in bulk, the delivery time depends on the quantity you order. Generally, you will receive them within 15-20 business days.

Can I get some Eyelashes Mink Samples?

Of course, every customer can get three pairs of eyelashes free of charge from our company.

We are willing to do this because we are very confident in our products.


We always focus on the production of High-quality Luxury Eyelashes, so you can order our eyelash samples for testing firstly. This is especially necessary if you are just starting your own eyelash business.


Evaluate multiple Eyelash Suppliers and determine which one you choose! Add my WhatsApp and you will receive the list of Best Wholesale Lashes Vendor!



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