Eyelash Suitcase

We push out Eyelash Suitcase in recent days , and most girl love them very much, and today , we will show you the details of the Lashes Suitcase.

1 The material of eyelash suitcase.

There are two material in the market.

The fist one is the Plastic Eyelash Suitcase.

We found the plastic eyelash suitcase is much cheaper , but the quality is poor.

When we ship the plastic ones to my customer, the plastic eyelashes cases will be broken, so if you purchase the Lashes Suitcase, you should now the material first instead of the price.

The second one is the Acrylic Eyelash Suitcase.

The best eyelash suitcase are made of acrylic which looks like Crystal Eyelash Suitcase, and much cheaper than crystal suitcase.

This kinds of eyelashes suitcase is much harder than the plastic eyelashes case.

Besides, if some Eyelash Vendors said they sold the crystal lashes suitcase, you should be careful, and there are no this material lash suitcase in the market, because this material is too much expensive than the others, and not each customer will accept the price.

2 The price of the eyelash suitcase.

If you purchase bulk orders that will be 2-3 USD per one, and if you purchase the mink lashes  together from your eyelash vendors, that will much cheaper.

And if you want to get the exact Wholesale Eyelash Suitcase Price, please add whatsapp008613465813039 to get competitive wholesale price.

3 The size of the eyelash suitcase.

You may meet two kinds of the eyelash suitcase in the market.

The big one is four pairs set, and the small one is the two pairs set.

The length of big eyelash suitcase is 22.5cm and the width of the 13.5cm, and the thickness of the suitcase is 6.5cm.

The small one is 16.7cm*9.9cm*4.9cm , so if you purchase the eyelash suitcase, the volume is much bigger than the regular eyelash boxes.

If you make the orders , you should calculate your shipping cost together, and if you want to make sure the correct shipping cost , you can add whatsapp008613465813039 , we will help you calculate the exact shipping cost.

4 The color of the eyelash suitcase.

You can choose the red eyelash suitcase, the pink, yellow,blue, red,rose red one as you like, and you should make sure if they are in stock.

Now the most popular one is the yellow one and the pink one. And you can choose any color you love.

And you can also make a mix order to test the market , and then make the bulk order, that is a wise way.

5 The shipping cost of eyelash suitcase

As we said , the shipping cost is much higher than regular eyelash magnetic box because the volume of the lash suitcase is much bigger than the regular eyelash box.

If you order 10 eyelash boxes that will cost 40 to 45 USD, and and if you want to check the exact shipping cost you can add whatsapp008613465813039 , we will check the shipping cost for you just free.

More business cooperation welcome contact us.

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