How to buy 3D Fake Eyelashes?

How to buy Wholesale and Bulk False Eyelashes?

We sell 3D Fake Eyelashes to beauty professionals, makeup artists, salons, high street shops and more. If you need to buy branded Lashes In Bulk then we’re the people you need to speak to.


Remember, when you order with us you’ll get your order quickly, and we only stock 100% genuine products.

3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale from Sisley Lashes

3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale from Sisley Lashes

Whether it’s 1,000 pairs or 100,000 pairs of lashes you need, we can help. We also sell Wholesale Lash Glue and other lashes tools.


Shop a range of Top False Eyelash brands on our wholesale website and use the codes below to redeem your wholesale discount:


Spend $‌180.00 or more & save 15% on your order with discount code: DISCOUNT15

Besides, Spend $‌590.00 or more & save 20% on your order with discount code: DISCOUNT20

Spend $‌1,200.00 or more & save 25% on your order with discount code: DISCOUNT25

We accept a range of payments on wholesale orders, including PayPal and all major/credit debit cards.

Why buy your 3D Fake Eyelashes from us?

Tiered pricing is available, the more you order the more you save.

False Lashes are dispatched quickly from our UK warehouse (order before 5 pm Monday to Friday, for same-day dispatch!)

SAT35 Best Wholesale Eyelash

SAT35 Best Wholesale Eyelash


We only sell genuine eyelashes sourced directly from major brands. We will provide professional service.

First of all, we will have a professional design team. 

Our designers will create different styles of Mink Eyelash products and 3D Fake Eyelashes according to the different needs of customers. The designers are experts with years of design experience. They take part in the annual Paris fashion show to gain experience.


Many eyelash designs are inspired by the beautiful flowers in nature. Designers are people who love life, and they pay attention to the shapes and colours of flowers in nature, which brings a lot of surprises to the design of 3D Fake Eyelashes.

Second, we have a very large production team.

There is a lot of experienced staff. They are usually workers who have been making eyelashes by hand for years.

20mm mink 3d lashes

20mm mink 3d lashes

Because there are many large eyelash production factories in Qingdao, there is a lot of staff who focus on manual eyelash production in Qingdao.

Third, our company has professional photographers.

Although Qingdao has a lot of Eyelash Factories, not every company has a professional photographer.

Fourthly, a professional after-sales team is also a key part to ensure efficient service.

When a customer receives our product, it doesn’t mean our deal is over. We need to be responsible for all the problems after the sale. For example, any reasonable conditions that customers need, we will try our best to meet.

PD318 Luxury Mink Eyelashes

PD318 Luxury Mink Eyelashes

Fifth, the business team is also called the logistics department. 

Their main job is to package the eyelashes and Eyelash Packaging Boxes. This is a simple mechanical procedure, but it also requires people who work hard. Eyelash is a luxury product, which is different from daily necessities.


Only when we are strict with our own packaging work can we make the products that reach our customers be perfect.

3d mink eyelashes

3d mink eyelashes

Who has the best 3D Fake Eyelashes?

China is the land of False Eyelashes. In Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city in China’s Shandong province, there are many Eyelash Wholesalers. And many of these Mink Eyelashes Vendors have been around for years, and they have a lot of experience.


Sisley Lashes, Emma Lash, and the Wholesale Mink Eyelashes VendorCK Lashes, these are all the reliable Lashes Vendor USA.


If you want to know more about the list of Good Eyelash Suppliers, I can provide it to you for free! You can add my WhatsApp for more details.

Wholesale marble lashes packaging

Wholesale marble lashes packaging

 How to take care of these Luxury Eyelashes products?

1.First of all, when the wearer wears it every time and takes off his eyelashes, he should wash off the residual glue with warm water and air dry naturally.


Of course, our company also has special eyelash cleaning equipment. I mean the Eyelash Washing Machine. Since our topic today is not washing machines, we’re just going to touch on it, not go into detail.


wholesale mink lashes packaging

wholesale mink lashes packaging

2.The next thing to do is to put the eyelashes back in the original eyelash holder. Be sure to keep it in a cool, dry place.


  1. As mink eyelashes are made of Natural Hair, so we’d better minimize the contact with water in the process of use, otherwise, it is easy for the Luxury Mink lashes to become irritable. This is a very important maintenance measure, we must keep in mind!

How to Extend The Lifespan Of Your 3D Fake Eyelashes?

False Lashes are a must-have for enhancing eye look, like it or not, it’s booming marketing now. Among all different types of false lashes, Mink Lashes are the most expensive but highest quality lashes.


If we could use some techniques to extend the lifespan, that would save us a big cheque. Read the guideline below.

white lashes packaging with window

white lashes packaging with window

Remove carefully

When it’s late in the day, we need to take off the Mink Eyelashes. I know some of you are just too lazy then pulling off directly with your hands, which is totally wrong.


We need to take them off carefully each time from our eyes, in order to keep them always in their best condition and better prepare for the next use.


Now, what’s the best and quick way to take off? Take a cotton swab, dipping it with makeup remover, and rub it along with the lash line, which will help to loosen up the glue, eventually slide off your eyes.


marble Lashes packaging

marble Lashes packaging

In this way, your natural eyelashes aren’t damaged as well. How simple is that!

Clean up completely

Even use makeup remover, there are still chances lashes are left more or less with eyelash glue or mascara. For a big amount of glue leftover, Tweezers are your best friend now.


Holding one side of the glue with the tweezer by one hand, and grabbing the lashes by another hand(do not hold the lash band), gently pulling off until you see the big glue is peeling off.

wholesale mink lashes DJ 34

wholesale mink lashes DJ 34

Reserve properly

After we clean them off, time to find a good place for storage. Keep your original mink lashes package tray is a good idea for reserving, as your lashes could keep the original curl.


If you have to throw away the original box, find a place where is dark, cool, dry, your dresser drawer could be a nice choice.


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