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CK Lashes is the top lashes Manufacturer And Supplier of Eyelash extensions and strip lashes. MINK EYELASH VENDORS USA WHOLESALE 25MM MINK STRIP EYELASH VENDOR With quick delivery, quality products, and complete after-sales services, CK Lashes win support and reliance from thousands of enterprises, and it has become a well-known supplier in handling mink eyelashes. We will pay more hard work into developing and innovating new products in order to attract more customers.

In the past couple of years, many customers require us to enhance the quality and develop new design of our products. Besides, some of them asked us to make our products to the highest level in the market. In this way, our customers could be more competitive and keep an invincible position in this competitive market.

As you know, not all of the mink eyelashes are of the same quality. We actually want to produce and offer products that seem good and very different from the other wholesale. If you continue reading, you’ll know.

There years ago, we’ve produced mink eyelashes. At initial,we produced a lot more than 100 pairs of 3D mink eyelashes, then we gave them to our workers, friends, and customers for free as an experiment. Therefore, they have the initial experience of the new products. And we ask the feelings about using these mink eyelashes, whether they are comfortable, whether you feel natural in facing with mirror, and also ask the softness of the eyelash. Everyone will make a report by the end of the trial, to ensure that we can enhance the quality of the eyelashes again and again.

After hundreds of experiences and experiments, we’re able to succeed in producing mink eyelashes that are flawlessly fit for people, this is actually the consequence of our joint efforts, and we also execute a large amount of questionnaires, “what do you consider of wearing the eyelash?” Do you want to recommend this eyelash to your parents or family members? Before we put the product to the marketplace, we will encounter our experience satisfaction by 90%, and look forward to their feedback, then listen to the feedback from our customers and make further revision. After   two-years effort, we have produced the most ideal one, we are able to say that we are succeeded.

Doing wholesale mink eyelashes supplier with the personal brand

In all honesty, it’s not really difficult to buy mink eyelashes. The hardest is how you can choose the superior eyelashes that really suitable for you, this is very important for your eyes and health.

For a wholesaler in this line, it isn’t difficult to wholesale eyelashes. The issue is how can you look for a good supplier that provides you with top quality eyelashes. If you always wholesale some low-cost and poor eyelashes, your sales may be simple, and the after-sales services will be very difficult to do, you will encounter many barriers, then you will lose a lot of customers.You will lose loyalty in your eyelash business. Please remember that if you always develop new customers in eyelash business instead than maintain regular customers, you won’t ever succeed!

Why some enterprises develop bigger and bigger but some enterprises are getting poor and poor? Why the same efforts result in different situations? we can answer you: because you chose the wrong product in the beginning, which leads to failure, the eyelashes are originally a brand product. Customers design their personal LOGO Packaging Boxes, but if the quality of the products does not form a brand, nobody will purchase it and recommend to other.

On the contrary, if you buy quality eyelashes but you don’t have many customers, when you begin selling to one person, he will buy it again, and then, this person could also recommend three people to purchase your eyelashes. viral marketing is doing so, but viral marketing really need good products, an excellent brand without quality products is impossible to success.

If you really want to make a brand, you have to choose the top quality mink eyelashes. If you just pick the cheapest product, you still have to be a brand. I recommend you don’t waste your time and effort, because you will fail in a ratio of 99%. If you still want to do it, you can just waste your money and time. It is really our sincere advice, because we have met many customers. I hope that you will be ready before you decide to wholesale the mink eyelashes, great deal of thought, doing market research, investigating products, and experiencing product

Why can’t we wholesale the cheap eyelash products (poor low products)?

1. The sample you get for the first time may not as the same quality as the products you purchased in bulk!

2. The design of the sample you buy may be quite different from the one you buy in bulk!

3. You buy cheap eyelashes, the pedicles are very hard, when your customer wears it, just like wearing a wire, I really believe she will not purchase your product again.

4. Because the cost is low, the eyelashes you buy are asymmetrical, the supplier will not pick out the defective products at all, and sell them to you with the original one!

5. The end and the root of the eyelashes that you buy are inconsistent when wearing, it is not very unattractive!

6. The eyelashes you buy will fall because they are manufactured with cheap glue.

7. The eyelashes you buy smell chemical, this is the smell of perm, which is carcinogenic.

8. The products you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machines, it can make more than 100 pairs a day. We are purely manual, and can only do 10 pairs a day. What do you think is the difference between making 100 pairs of products and making 10 pairs of products in one day?

Of course, the above product defects will not have these phenomena, because we’ve been revised in two years. If we correct these factors, then our cost is several times higher than the low-quality eyelash products, it really is be decent!

3d mink lashes HG001

25mm 3D Mink Lashes HG001

3d mink lashes HG005

25mm 3D Mink Lashes HG005

3d mink lashes HG018

25mm 3D Mink Lashes HG018

3d mink lashes HG020

25mm 3D Mink Lashes HG020

Let me introduce the 3D mink eyelashes, what’s 3D mink eyelashes?

Compared with other styles of eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes are made by hand, manufactured of mink hair, the pure black protein that looks very natural to wear. And mink eyelashes have a different degree of curl and appearance like 3D, so it’s called 3D mink eyelashes, which are the greatest eyelashes and the most expensive.

Our 3D mink hairs range from 4 to 8 layers. They look thicker and fuller. Once the customers see them, really look addictive, they feel like they can’t wait to wear them. There are numerous types of eyelashes. Different designs reflect different effects, some more natural, extremely attractive. Once you compare our eyelashes to cheap types, I’m sure you won’t be using Cheap Mink Eyelashes. Don’t tell me that cheap mink eyelashes have a market too because of the market at all times shifts. You can wait until around all customers are used in high-end eyelashes before you begin to promote high-end eyelashes, right?

There are more than 100 types of water eyelashes, and we are continuously designing new styles. Our eyelash styles range from natural to more open, to more dramatic. Recently, we have designed 10 large models. 25mm in length, are very popular on the market! If you are searching for a more dramatic look, then you will like our large eyelashes, it looks extremely full, we as a product supplier and desire to enable you to get more style choices. Let your customers wear eye styles! Different styles give you a different feeling every day.

Our Mink Lashes are extremely durable. We advise that you put them on 20-25 times, and you could wash them with Lashes Washing Machine. Then use a hair dryer to dried out them again. The 3D effect continues to be so good!

Begin your business with mink eyelashes

We have our own design team in the factory. You can purchase 3D mink hair directly from us to make your eyelash business prosperous! And you could design the eyelashes according to your own requirements, the design style is only your own patent!

The general retail Price of 3D Mink Eyelashes is $20-30 in the US, so you have sufficient profit to Wholesale Our Eyelashes to earn 4-5 times, we also provide customers with sales and sales solutions on our retail website platform.

In case you are selling the business of hair extensions,we strongly suggest that you could add 3D mink eyelashes to your product. And it makes 3D mink eyelashes become a hot-selling product, can also bring you a lot of wig customer.

Most important of all, if you want packaging, we can provide you with personalized, print your lASHES LOGO on the packaging, let 3D mink eyelashes sell their own brand, and we have the least  quantity, that is only 50, which is very low for you . We usually  do not recommend the use of plastic if you are in the business of hair extensions.

The box is affixed with a plastic label, so the packaging is very low, the customer will not believe the eyelashes have a value of 20-30 dollars, please remember that even the best products also need require packaging!

custom packaging